Thursday, 12 July 2007

Kirstie Alley

Born 12th January 1951

American actress who starred in the "Look Who's Talking" series of films. Also famous for her incredible weight gain and subsequent weight loss.

Back in 1985 Kirstie Alley starred in a tv-movie called "A Bunny's Tale". Based on the book by Gloria Steinem about her time working undercover as a Playboy Bunny. This movie, that I have still yet to see, featured Kirstie dressed in a sexy Bunny outfit along with several other ladies of the 80's including Delta Burke, Joanna Kerns, Lisa Pelican, Diana Scarwid and Deborah Van Valkenburgh (The Warriors).

Until such time as a better quality source is found, check out these Youtube videos featuring Kirstie and the other girls looking oh so sexy in those fantastic Bunny outfits.

A Bunny's Tale Clip 1:

A Bunny's Tale Clip 2:

A Bunny's Tale Clip 3:

A Bunny's Tale Clip 4:

Check out more about Kirstie Alley here:

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