Friday, 12 October 2007

Morgan Fairchild

Born 3rd February 1950

American Actress. Best known for her television work in series such as "Flamingo Road", "Falcon Crest" and later playing Chandler's mum Nora in "Friends".

Back in the 80's the most beautiful woman in the world to me was Morgan Fairchild. She is absolutely gorgeous and I've long wanted to post some photos of her here on CPD. The problem has been that all the images I have are low or poor quality so I have been reluctant to post up till now.

Finally the wonderful Morgan Fairchild makes her first appearance thanks to a request from one of our regular visitors. So thanks to "Leg Lover" please enjoy a selection of fantastic pantyhose photos of the legend that is Morgan Fairchild.


Leg Lover said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

jamboree in the hills