Sunday, 8 February 2009

Kate Hudson

A treat for every pantyhose fan today. Absolutely mind blowingly sexy photos of the gorgeous Kate Hudson. And as these photos are super high resolution you can zoom in and savor every inch of those glorious legs in fine detail. Yummy.


Anonymous said...

Check this out, Lady gaga


Fans de Collants said...

She's got nice legs but her shoes are.... yurk!

Anonymous said...

This is the hottest sheer black pantyhose pics that I have ever seen of the stunningly gorgeous and delicious Kate Hudson. You can see the nylon detail on her legs so clearly. It boggles my mind and makes me just want to lick those legs and inhale her scent. I am actually drooling when I look at Kate in those pics. Her face looks so perfect. So cute. Her legs and she is legendary for having one of the best asses in Hollywood. Can you imagine how great her ass must look in those ultra sheer black pantyhose...of course with no panties on.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kate Hudson is one of the greatest pantyhose princesses of all time. When Kate is wearing black sheer pantyhose I don't know how it is possible for the men around her to be able to function without just staring and drooling at her fantastic, shapely, gorgeous legs. I wish someone would get pics in high def from her appearance on Regis and Kelly when Kate wore this super sexy mini dress and ultra sheer black seamed pantyhose. One of the all time great legs in pantyhose moments in talk show television history.